Individuals who practice object manipulation with props such as a hula-hoop(s), poi, or contact-balls. They are similar to jugglers, and may even use bowling-pins and the like, except their primary goal is to achieve a meditative mental state called "flow" rather than just entertain.

Flow artists tend to display their skills at music festivals, burns, and public parks.
That dude who was spinning fire at Burning Man was an incredible flow-artist.
by Brainshrub August 26, 2013
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Flow-Artists can be any gender, age, or race, though they are most often males in their twenties ant thirties.

Typically Flow-Artists exhibit no outward talents, interests or skills, with the exception of juggling or spinning around some object or "Prop".

These individuals appear to spend the majority of their time sitting or laying around, smoking marijuana, and occasionally standing up to juggle spin or twirl some kind of plastic toy specifically designed for this purpose.
Used in a conversation:

"Hey, you! Why don't you get up and get a job, or make some art, or make some music, or volunteer at an animal hospital, or soup kitchen, or something?"

(Long toke off of a spliff) "Dude, because I am a Flow-Artist. This is my art. If you don't flow, you just don't know."
by probablynotaspinner September 23, 2012
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