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When suddenly secondary to twerking, you find yourself on the floor and you continue to twerk in a fashion that resembles having intercourse. Typically a female will horizontally grind on a male while on the floor in a sexual manner. Usually this occurs in the following manner: 1)female will begin twerking on male 2)male will begin leaning back (usually with the help of supporting friends) 3)female will most likely follow as the submissive nature of our society dictates 4)they will somehow end up on the floor 5)female will sit on top of male's dick 6)she will continue to "twerk" while there until she is bored or male needs to go handle a "situation" in the bathroom. Teenagers are disgusting creatures...
*At party*

Person #1: Is it me or did you just see Daneisha doing floorwork on Tayshawwn?
Person #2: Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I did, what a whore.
Person #1: Yeah…Daneisha really is a whore.
by Preacher's Daughter. March 16, 2013
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