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Noun) A mess-up, fault, blunder, or epic fail

Antonym: Success, achievement, everything good in life

This definition directly derives from the arch duke Nevel Floorp from Great Brittian. Neville's name was only made famous by his catastrofic incident that resulted in his beheading. Although this incident was swept under the rug by officials, investigators were able to uncover some items mysteriously involved: 1) The Queen 2) a Cornish game hen 3) a spool of thread 4) and a bag of Epsom salts. Witness testimony varies greatly, and specifics are unknown. Neville Floorp's last name lives on in infamy to this day...
1. That guy is a floorp, because he sucks at life.
2. My donkey is nothing but a floorp.
3. A) Why won't my soufflé rise? B) Dude, you are such a floorp!
4. He was going to ask Vanessa out, but accidentally tripped over his shoelace, what a floorp.
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