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Brittian is a very unique, passionate, and creative person. He is someone that you will never forget simply because he is the most charmingly odd person you will ever meet. He is extremely aloof, very similar in disposition to Peter Pan actually. This can be both favorable and non-favorable. It's extremely hard to love a Brittian because you can never truly have him. For you see being tied down is contrary to his nature. Brittian makes you feel amazing only when you are with him, outside of that however, all you feel is forgotten. Brittians are impossible to forget or break away from, every time he wants you, you will go to him. Simply because he is Brittian. He is your Brittian. Brittians are very good kissers, and have very well defined features. Beautiful by nature. Brittians are very musically inclined. When a Brittian is holding you the world melts away around you, for he is Brittian, your Brittian, my Brittian. Yet never really ours at all, therein lies the problem with Brittians.
"So how's Brittian doing?"
"Not sure, haven't heard from him."
"didn't I see you guys making out on Friday night?"
"....*sigh* yeah...."
by Wendy Bird April 12, 2010
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