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When some asshole posts 50 pictures on Instagram simultaneously, forcing the rest of us to scroll for 20 minutes just to get past their crap.

Usually occurs because said asshole forgot that Facebook is where you go to upload full photo albums without hijacking everyone else's News Feed. Instagram neither supports nor condones this feature.

Proper Use: Upload an album of 50 to Facebook, pick the best 1 or 2 and put them on Instagram... then don't post for an hour.

Flooding the Feed is a serious violation, akin to being a horrible driver. Punishments include a technical foul, a possible fine, mass unfollowing, and frenemies talking shit behind your back.
Person #1: Why did you unfollow me on Instagram?

Person #2: Damn, 37 consecutive pics in 12 minutes?!? That's Flooding the Feed. Your 3rd offense gets you a lifetime ban. At least learn how to drip-feed that shit.
by francesermongo13 September 21, 2014
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When somebody excessively updates their status on facebook so many times that it drowns out the status' of others.
Person#1: Oh man, Steve won't stop posting status' about his girlfriend.

Person#2: Yeah, He's totally Flooding The Feed
by TheTickTock October 09, 2011
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