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A sex position where the guy lays down flat, the girl sits on his dick, with it penetrating her ass, while she eats macaroni in her left hand and shoving a pickle up her pussy with her right hand. She begins shitting on the guys dick and throws up the macaroni continuously on his face, licking it off slowly. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete, believe me, Ive tried to make it quicker, but its hard.
When the two sex bunnies are finished, they give each other high fives and yell "Hallelujah!" at the tops of their lungs.
guy1: Me and Katherine did a floobag last night it was fucking AMAZING!!, but it took a while...

guy2: Nice, i heard Katherine is fucking crazy in bed she will do about anything!
by Hairy DickHead May 25, 2008
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