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an insane gathering of UCSB and SBCC kids on the beach in Isla Vista, California the first saturday of spring quarter. students build or buy rafts to float around in the fucking cold ass water or they stand around on the beach and just get hammered and try to blackout off large quantities of keystone and natty light just because its fun and we know how to fuckin party and its why we're the best party school in the US.
hey brah were u at floatopia this year, what a fuckin shitshow.
by SBPirate April 04, 2009
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University of California, Santa Barbara's version of Spring Break. A tradition that usually happens during the first or second weekend of April on the beaches behind Del Playa Drive and Manzanita Village. This is when thousands of UCSB students converge on the beach and party.
UCSB student: "YEAH! Floatopia, baby!"
by UCSBgirl April 04, 2009
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Epic ass party on the beach of IV in spring quarter! Float on the ocean, tan in the sun, get really really ridiculously shitty.
I was so trashed at last year's floatopia I could barely make it back up the stairs.
by lboogie12384 April 04, 2009
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