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A wickedly cold little shitbucket of a town. Located in the northen part of the province of Manitoba in Canada.
"Hey Tony did you hear that it got down to -52 degree celcius in Flin Flon last night?"
by Tony from Main St. February 02, 2005
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A fatty pork sausage, similar to the Toulouse sausage, popular in the prairies. Called the "Flin Flon Sausage" on Wikipedia, or just "Tolousers" or "French sausages" in other parts of the Prairies.
"ON THE BARBECUE," screamed the host wearing nothing but a novelty apron with a pair of large breasts displayed on the front, "ARE BURGERS, FLIN FLONS, AND BISON STEAKS, CAN YOU HANDLE IT!"
by prairiedreamcatcher101 July 30, 2016
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