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Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 American science fiction adventure film directed by Randal Kleiser and written by Mark H. Baker, Michael Burton and Matt MacManus. The film stars Joey Cramer as David Freeman, a 12-year-old boy who is abducted by an alien spaceship and finds himself caught in a world that has changed around him.

The film's producers initially sent the project to Walt Disney Pictures in 1984, but the studio was unable to approve it and it was sent to Producers Sales Organization, which made a deal with Disney to distribute it in the United States. It was partially shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Norway, it being a co-production with Norwegian company Viking Film.
Flight of the Navigator (film)
1. The voice of MAX is played by Paul Reubens, credited as Paul Mall.

2. The film takes place on July 4, 1978 and in July 1986.

3. When MAX and David escape the NASA facility, they travel "precisely 20 miles from point of origin" in approximately 35 seconds, making their speed about 2,057 mph (almost 3,500 km/H).

4. This film was one of Sarah Jessica Parker's earliest roles.

5. Originally an independent film. The main production company, Producers Sales Organisation, put up two-thirds of the budget, while the rest came from Viking Film, a Norwegian company. Walt Disney Pictures picked up all rights for this film for North America, becoming the first distribution deal for the studio under new management led by Michael Eisner.

6. Both Cliff De Young and Veronica Cartwright, who play David Freeman's parents, have appeared in The X-Files (1993), a TV show which is centred around extra-terrestrials and their technology.

7. The robotic commander MAX has a strong resemblance with the robotic autopilot AUTO from the Pixar film WALL·E (2008). In 1986 Pixar was an independent company with Steve Jobs as chairman. Walt Disney Studios was then one of their principal partners.

8. David's flight to Phaelon and back took "4.4 Solar Hours," while 8 years have passed on Earth, indicating that time was slowed down for David by a factor of about 16,000, which corresponds to a speed of about 99.9999998% the speed of light.
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