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ATPL = Airline Transport Pilot Lincense (airliner pilots license, or briefly ATP)

The ATPL license entitled you to a professional activity as captain or a copilot on all airplanes (also over 5.7 tons), the samples (types of aircraft), registered in the license, e.g. an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737. That means it that you can be used as pilot then in an aviation enterprise e.g. at Lufthansa or airlines like this one. These enterprises use airplanes which must be flown by the permission of the airplane ago in principle with two pilots (airliners). For these airplanes the ATP license is necessary. After this question is asked again and again, I would like to deal equal at the beginning, thus in order to anticipate it: the substantial difference to the CPL consists of the fact that you may fly airplanes, which are certified in the group of airworthiness "airliners" (so, this so-called "group of airworthiness" is quite important) with the ATPL also, besides applies still the condition specified above (two pilots).

Requirements and conditions:
- You must be at least 21 years old.
- The CPL and the IFR Rating must be present (the beginning of the training is already possible at the age of 19 years)
- alternatively it is also possible to do a continuous training without previous knowledge (inito)
- knowledge of the english language
- (in addition, the minimum age is handled differently by the flight schools, generally it is 21 years, as specified above, but it may also be possible that a higher minimum age applies.)
- You need a FAA medical, class 1
and a valid commercial pilot license(CPL)
- In addition you need a minimum flying time of 1.500 hours at the time of the ATPL examination, of it at least: 500 flying hours cross-country flight, 100 hours of night flight and 75 hours of "simulated" or genuine flight in clouds.
- and you have to be holder of an AZF
- 400 hours theoretical instruction in the subjects:

Air law, air traffic and air traffic control regulations
general navigation
radio navigation
flight planning
flight performance, weight and balance
avionics and instruments
the behavior in special flying situations
I got my ATPL! Amazing!
I can fly a 737 now!
by Trund April 13, 2005
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