Main Entry: Flight Deck
Function: Noun
Date: Post Vietnam Era

The mental ward of a V.A. hosptial (usually the top floor) were vets go to get medication adjustments, escape from the world, drink coffee and smoke incessantly.

The catch phrase Flight Deck is so popular that it's even begun to spread into civilian nut huts.
1: Joe: Have you seen Harold lately?

John: He's on the flight deck.

Joe: I've wondered where he's been.

2: (Medication time is announced on the ward)

Patient#1: Medication time! Oh boy, CAT one ready to launch!!!

Patient#2: I hope it's not another FOD (Fuckin Over Dose).

Patient#3: Look at John, he's so over medicated that he's drooling and doesn't know where he is, fucking VA!

Patient#4: Yea, he's gear adrift all right.

Patient#5: says to med. nurse, "I'm refusing meds, fuck you!"

(Sound of P/A static on speakers) Med Nurse: Patient 5 has waved off, repeat, Patient 5 has waved off.
by bolillo loco December 28, 2009
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Hitting it doggy style while drinking a flight of craft beers off of your partners back. Bonus points if you make airplane noises.
Her ass is wide as a ship, hope she doesn't mind if I turn her back into a Flight Deck!
by Rim Tobbs August 19, 2020
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the traffic ramp from underground car park at New Scotland Yard
see you by the flight deck at coco sarge, you can pick me up from there.
by John Monksfield February 10, 2003
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A common term used for talking about suicide in the Marine Corps. Referring to jumping off a high place to achieve the sweet release of death
“Did you hear about PVT Jones last night? He went third deck flight crew! They found his body in the morning.”
by LCPL Pene Verde September 07, 2020
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