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A fake lesbian. Two females who unconditionally love each other but are in a platonic relationship. Outsiders may consider them sexually attracted to one another ( no shame in that).

Synonym: Bromance
1) Sara: "You look so fucking cute in that outfit!"

Emmy: " Omg! So do you girl"

Sara: "Wow, we are such flezzies"

Emmy: "Let's go get some guys to buy us shots."

2) Chi: "Dude, I'm trying to get that threesome with Sara and Emmy!"

Justin: "Nah brah. No chance. They are flezzies!"

Chi: "Damn :(. Let's go get a shot of fireball"

3) Nishi: "This is a Flezzie conversation. See your floozie ass out."
by cpatel529 August 31, 2014
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