Someone at the gym who does one set of weights for every 10 sets of flexing in front of a mirror
I wanted to use that machine at the gym but that damn flexor was hogging it
by RaY MoOsH January 8, 2009
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A Vector Flexor is a modified wireframe icosohederon toy, built with flexable strut connectors. The removal of 6 ballast that complete an icosohedron cause the entity to synergize, lossening it's structure and allowing it to become fold-able. It forms into many geometric objects, veiwed in 2 and 3 dimensions
This flexability allows for imagination stimulation as well as a relaxing place to ponder for a spell.
Buckminster Fuller, recognized as fabricator of the Fullerene, came across this figure while confering about synergetic thinking. He became intrigued with the balance that allow the model to swing to and fro and named it the Jitter Bug. aka Bucky's Jitter Bug
She collapsed her Vector Flexor into an octohedren.

Thomas can twist his Vector Flexor into a large triangle.
by planeaddict January 6, 2015
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The act of getting down on one knee and flexing the hip in the celebration of an epic event. The consumption of an alcoholic beverage must be completed during the duration of the hip flexor. One must complete the beverage before returning back to standing position.
the team scored again so the boys will drop and do a hip flexor
by the rocketman4 June 17, 2011
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Is where you flex your wealth with decoration.
I am flexorating my house with this 24K gold vase.
by LocusDezzNuts April 21, 2023
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the act of placing your penis in between a flexed arm while they are moving there arm back and forth vigorously.
i was at the gym last night and both georgia and jessica gave me the flexor after they each did a few curls.
by chodiak September 19, 2008
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