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1. One who brokers the sexual favors of women for profits

2. Someone who knows how to get money from others. selling drugs,rolling dice,pimpin. your hustlin for that money

3. A sex position wherein 4 women and one guy have sexual intercourse.
1. -
James) Hey what you doin this weekend bro?
Sam) I don't no man might go pick up some girls and do a flemmo, wat about you?
James) That sounds good man...

2. -
Flemmo)yo $80 a gram fool.
Billy)rolled a seven again, now pay me.
Flemmo)yo get over to that street corner bitch and make me some money.
by Pimp Ravi July 30, 2006
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To attempt a comedic delivery and fail miserably for one of two reasons.

1. Immediately repeating a joke said by someone else in slightly different words.
2. Beginning an anecdote with painful pauses and trailing off into an embarrassed mumble, forgetting the punch line and leaving all onlookers angry, frustrated and tired.
Dave: "Yeah, that reminds me of the time that a guy I knew saw a guy playing the spoons, and then... erm... aww.. how do you say it again?.. Ok, I'll stop speaking now."

Pedro: "Nice work you fucking flemmo."
by captain_pants June 16, 2011
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