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Any member of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement or it's derivatives in other states and cities.
The Democratic Party was desperate to have some grass roots response to the Conservative 'Tea Party' but sadly all they ended up with was those filthy Occupy Wall Street 'Fleabaggers'.
by DarkHalo October 14, 2011
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1. Fleabagger is a term applied to Democratic Party elected officials who having lost the majority in an election, leave their home state and hide out in undisclosed roadside motels in neighboring states for weeks in order to avoid detection and having to return work. In so doing they seek to thwart the democratic political process by denying the quorum necessary for the passage of certain legislation such as state budget bills.

2. The term is also applied to their unelected supporters who stay behind in the home state to occupy public buildings, often squatting in sleeping bags on the floor, in order to obstruct the democratic process. Fleabaggers, who are unfailingly union members, can stay away from their jobs for days without fear of dismissal.
1. A group of Fleabagger Democratic Wisconsin senators turned tail for the Illinois border where they remained in hiding for weeks.

2. The stench coming from the floor of the capitol rotunda was at it's peak in early morning as Fleabaggers from the state public unions awoke to prevent Republican senators from reaching the senate chamber.
by markybe February 23, 2011
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New name for Democrat losers...Fleebaggers! Just like fleas, theο»Ώ only way they can survive is to live off a host. That pretty much sums up the whole Democratic Party these days. How can I best live off of someone else?

Human parasite. Cries like a child, creates havoc and organizes and participates in public protests when only asked to contribute their "fair share" freely. Litterally freaks out when their Mob Rule mentality is threatened. (ie: their "collective bargaining rights" are stripped).
Union leaders, Union workers, Democratic Congressmen, Democratic Senators, Democratic Govenors, Democratic Activists, Liberal Activists, Democratic Presidents, robbers, theives, gangs, gang members, community organizers, thugs, Mob Bosses, mob members, mafias, ACORN, Acorn thugs(workers) and practically anyone who is "PRO-Organized Labor.

Look at all the Fleabaggers in Wisconsin freaking out because they might have to actually "contribute" like the rest of America. Welcome to the 'real world' ya Fleabagger!
by nodramasaveitforyourmomma777 February 25, 2011
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The unwashed, chronically jobless, anti capitalist protesters that spread disease along with uneducated rhetoric in a theater of the absurd. Basically a filthy Che shirt wearing version of a Teabagger, if the teabaggers were allergic to soap.
Worker A: Hey, let's cut through that park so we won't be late for work.

Worker B: I wouldn't do that. Judging by the filthy Che shirts and stench coming off of those FLEABAGGERS, we'd need a flea dip like the rest of them.

Worker A : Even their weed smells like unwashed feet... oof!
by Che Sucks September 27, 2011
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Members of Occupy Wall Street sleeping and living in unsanitary conditions

Synonyms--Free Bagger, Fee Bagger (members of Occupy Wall Street that want everything for free); Pee Bagger (urinates outside usually on other members tents); Street Progressives.

Antonym- Tea Party
Oh wow man did you see that Flea Bagger take a dump on that police car?
by Yknotnow November 17, 2011
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a participant in the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests that eschewed basic hygiene while bivouaced at the protest camps.
Donald was always a joiner, no matter the matter if he understood the cause. His crowning achievement in life todate was to be called a Flea Bagger...even if he didn't understand the nexis.
by SpaceCowboyDD December 30, 2011
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A sad attempt by the tea party members, who used to call themselves teabaggers (a name that fell out of favor when they found out the other popular meaning of the word) not to be the butt of their own joke anymore. The term was popularized by Michelle Malkint; it usually refers to a politician who flees his home state to avoid a quorum, preventing an unwanted legislation from being passed.
A: he moved to another state to stop the law from passing.
B: What a fleabagger.
A: still better than a teabagger.
B True. True.
by Ngherappa April 14, 2011
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