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Flarious means something that is funny but not that funny so you say the example to make everyone laugh.
person1:" thats why the chicken crossed the road"
people:"oh aha ha thats nice
person2:"thats FLARIOUS full of flares
by amandancas44 August 19, 2008
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A confident person filled with swagger and skill at somthing they do. They can looked to be the best in their surroundings or the leader.
(Example 1)
Keegan: Curtis was flarious on the field today.
Ben: yeah no one could touch him.
(Example 2)

Jordan: Andrew looks flarious today with his new look.
(Example 3)

Jake: Wow Ben really took over in that meeting at work.
Josh: Yeah he was really prepared and ready to go.
by Flarious Flow February 11, 2017
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