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The term Flaps' eye came about in the UK in May 2013 as a female version of the male 'Jap's Eye' japs eye or 'urinary meatus', however due to the overly complicated nature of the female genitalia, (and man's inability to comprehend this) there is another hole down there that it can refer to, the vagina.
Anita Dick - Phil I think I've got another UTI again, my Flaps' eye is stinging like TCP...

Phillip McAvity - Mike you'll never guess what I saw this morning..
Michael Hock - What's that Phil?
Phillip McAvity - I accidentally walked in on Anita this morning 'cause I heard a loud buzzing sound. She was at it hard with that magic wand again; her legs were so wide her Flap's eye was winking at me!
by The Jungle Monster May 04, 2013
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