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The creation of this word is thought to be unknown.

A flangejabbanggler possesses the following characteristics:

* The want for attention from other message board posters.
* To use sexual innuendoes to create interest for the more desperate fellow posters.
* The obsession for attention remains over time.

Use of the term flangejabbanggler to describe all attention seeking offenders is seen as problematic by some people, especially when viewed from an administrative point of view. Accusations of being a flangejabbanggler or flangejabbanggling is usually met with extreme, sometimes over the top protection for the accused.
Flangejabbanggler, flangejabbanggling or flangejabbangglia is the act of posting on Internet chat forums, message boards, web-based clients etc under a false identity to gain attention, friends or affection.
by Paul Stalteri May 04, 2006
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