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Turning or the way to turn into Flandre Scarlet, from the Touhou Series. Someone that has been Flandreizated will behave like Flandre, grow artificial wings and a hat. Flandreizated people are more than 100 times more powerful than normal humans, become vampires and absolute beings of destruction. Flandreization can be caused by listening to U.N. Owen was her for 10 hours straight and awake. You will start to feel like a vampire in the next day. In the second day of Flandreization, you will grow slight wings. Third day, you will already feel the power, feel girlish, and gain the full wings of Flandre. In the fourth day, you gain the hat, and you're complete! Flandreization has no cure until now, but other vampires may make Flandreization wear off if you look right forward to the vampire, but since vampires don't exist except for other Flandreization victims, so you're basically stuck in Flandre form. Flandreization victims, as vampires, will start to feel pain when they're outside in a sunny day.
Flandreizated person: "Will you play with me...?"
Another person: "Look out, he's got Flandreization! Run to the hills!!!
by lol1337rofl November 06, 2015
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