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A tequila that has been set aflames.

It can be done by taking a spoon from the shot and flaming it. A more successful method is to tilt the shot glass then flame it.

Like all alcoholic beverages, the tequila will burn with a blue flame. To notice the flame, it is best to do it in a dim area.

It is very important to drink the shot without any flame. It can be dangerous not to.

It is better to extuingish the flame before all the alcohol burns out. This helps retain the desirable taste.
I'll go prepapre a flaming tequila.

Flaming tequilas have caused facial burns, so lose the flame before you drink!
by Keith Aquino June 17, 2006
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A tequila that has been set on fire. The way to drink a flaming tequila is best done by way of a staw.

First, one sticks the straw into the burning alcohol and must suck up all of the tequila before the straw melts. This is chugging and makes you drunk pretty fucking quick. But if you're slow as hell the fire might shoot up your straw and, not burn, heat up your mouth.

The second way of doing is is holding the shot glass above you and pouring it into your mouth. Hopefully the fire will die out by the time it hits your tongue... Hopefully.
Sheila burned her throat on the Flaming Tequila.
by Bob August 06, 2004
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