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Pronunciation: \flä-mä\
Function: noun

Date: 21st century
1. Derived from the words FLUFF and DRAMA, something that is of both definitions "something inconsequential" and "intense conflict". A situation or event where there is an exaggeration of its significance and/or importance. A situation or event where there is an over-expectation, or forced fabrication, of other peoples desire to care about the conflict, resolution, or outcome. Senseless and/or over-hyped drama.
"What's with all the flama in the next room? I thought all that was over a long time ago?"
"How can you watch that show? It's all just self-absorbed whining and flama."
by Boonay December 02, 2009
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Being gay, homosexual, queer, or acting that way. Usually follows the word whilin.
Why you acting like a whilin flama, man?
by Jaejae June 11, 2005
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