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To put on a user flair on a subreddit, an integral part of r/politicalcompassmemes' culture.

Generally, user flairs are used to categorise the users on a subreddit, like the personality typology subreddits, the alignment chart subreddits, political subreddits, any reason to categorise people. Or, you could make the flairs editable, as an extension of one's username on the subreddit.

Obtaining a flair is what to 'flair up' means.
Unflaired: Hello, I'm new to this subreddit.
Authleft: Good, now flair up, comrade.
by typologer June 23, 2020
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When you go crazy or stupid , unexpected stuipedness
Your standing in line to get your caramel none fat almond milk decaf macchiato And all of a sudden you start dancing to the song that’s playing in the coffee shop
Your best friend: wow that was a flair up
by User3456789 April 8, 2019
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