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Cabbage like Fungal growths often found growing inbetween the blubberous fat rolls of humans. In chronic conditions the victim can develop a flabbage patch i.e. amass so many flabbages, that crop like rotation takes place, this is the final stage in the condition. As of yet there is no cure for this common human ailment. Most scientist and doctors suggest a dose of 'get off your fat arse and lose some weight' in order to help the condition

Not for use in cuisine (Fatal and will result in death if consumed),

Can be sexually transmitted from person to person as a very aggressive STI.
"Peter Rabbit never knew the difference between cabbages and flabbages, until he strayed in to Farmer Mcgregors wifes flabbage patch and was lost forever"

"I shagged the fat chick a few nights ago, and now I have a flabbage patch growing all over my crotch"
by Moor Bear February 17, 2010
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The free flowing excess skin and fat typically seen on an obese person.
The chick at the bar thought she looked hot, but her flabbage was leaking out over the waist of her tight pants.
by JGMcD April 26, 2007
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