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When a person gives 5 quick back-hand slaps in a row. Five Quick is typically administered by one person, to another persons face, as a form of insult, dis-respect, or to show ones disgust. To deliver "Five Quick" in good form the first slap should be soft, then you gradually slap harder and faster.

Key elements of "Five Quick" that set it apart from a regular back-hand slap are:

*5 back-hand slaps in a row
*Start soft/slow
*End hard/quick

Five Quick takes practice to master, but can be a very effective tool if administered properly. Five Quick makes a great slapping sound, and is also an effective threat.
"I busted his lip open with Five Quick."

"Change your tone before I give you Five Quick."

" The last thing I remember is that he gave me Five Quick."

"He is so stupid, that I swear his mother must of gave him Five Quick when he was a baby."
by some grub January 19, 2010
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