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High School in the suburb of Youngstown Ohio, filled with juvenial drug attics, underage pregnant girls, classrooms that flood (occasionally), stereotypical gym teachers, Mr.Norah (guiness book of world records two titles held; worlds biggest nose, and worlds biggest dickhead, also Fitch High School VISE-Principal), a new "dress code" that bans individuality (would be called a uniform but then they would have to buy all new uniforms for students with reduced lunch) , shitty sports teams, big burly teachers that will kill you if you get into a fight (Mr.Murphy), and a lunch room divided by skin-color.
Mr.Conroy, Mr.Fender, Mr.Case, and Mr.Kimmel (gym teachers) all wear to-short-shorts and put the "athletic kids"/jocks against the "athletically challenged kids"/nerds.

Mr.Norah, nothing more to say.

My teachers (big burly ones) have spoken to my classes about wanting to "break up" fights with as much force as possble.

Dude hes been over in "Little Africa" for a minute or two, its either a drug deal or a shanking.

Fitch High School open enrollment, enough said.
by Ga-Boo-Boo June 30, 2009
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Fitch high school is a place where all the grotopotamus roam the hallways and make grunting noises! Usually in the spring months when the weather gets warm, and they are able to start dressing like slam pigs!
lordy that grotopotamus is showing way to much skin, and they are grunting like the honey badger. They must be from fitch high school./
by That will happen May 06, 2013
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