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Simply put, a gun that looks like a fish.

Used by firearms enthusiasts and Keyboard Kommandos to mock designs perceived to have too many polymer parts, or be too organic in shape.

Common examples include the XM8 and the FN F2000, both of which possess the distinctly fishy outline which lends the term its name.
Burt: "Hey, Cletus! I got me one 'o them neewfangled Eff two thousand guns from waffle land!"

Cletus: "Fuck you Burt, you stupid mall ninja, that's a damn fishgun!"
by XxxAnalInfiltratoRxxX July 09, 2014
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Accomplishing a challenge with ease, particularly by someone with a lot of experience, knowledge or natural talent. Comes from the phrase: "Like shooting fish in a barrel with a gun loaded with fish." Similar to a ringer, but referencing the action instead of the person.
Tiger Woods winning the putt-putt game was totally fish gun.
by Ethereal Pickle May 25, 2012
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