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A scummy fish and chips shop around Collingwood who buy supermarket brand chips and sell carp as their fish. they have a fish tank full of depressed goldfish. They will rip you off and their potato cakes cost $3 dollars for one of them. Their fish is also sometimes mutated and can make you very sick.
Don't go to Collingwood and get fish and chips. These places will always have a a cartoon fish in front of there shop and also have a neon sign in front of their shop.
Guy 1: Brah I'm starving lets get some Fish'N'Chips.
Guy 2: Nah their disgusting and expensive wait till we get to pizza hut.
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by Toby.H May 07, 2017
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A take-away meal purchased by an English person from a 'chippie'.

It consists of battered fish (usually Cod, sometimes Haddock) and tastes best accompanied by mushy peas (ie. peas that have been squashed into a pulp) and curry sauce.

Usually costs around £4
"I'll have one of each with scraps, please"
by paul raine May 05, 2004
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When a girl gets dandriff in her pubic hair located near the vagina.
Person#1: Dude! That Rima chick has fish n chips up the ying yang! DO NOT Eat her out!
Ryan: ok...
by cuntstain69 July 20, 2006
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A womens poker game. fish being the pungeant odor originating from their snatch, and of course the betting chips. therefore, you have fish n chips.
angela, helga and mary were enjoying a nice game of fish n chips during the sticky summer night.
by david the c December 07, 2009
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