A username that starts off with a common word (often a first name) and ends with a bunch of numbers. Sometimes two names are used at the beginning, but it is always followed by a bunch of numbers.

This is generally the result of attempting to acquire a specific username that had already been taken and settling for one that starts with the desired username, but given a number to indicate they're just one of many.

This acceptance of a generic numbered naming convention is often suggested as the result of an account created for a sophisticated conversational AI, or bot, designed to propagate misinformation. This notion is especially convincing when the apparent bot starts writing in grammatically/logically incoherent replies.

It should be noted that someone willing to accept a name with a bunch of numbers is equally likely to commit comments/replies with incoherent replies and unconfirmed assertions as any bot.

When used to address someone whose name ends with a bunch of numbers, it is almost always implied that the addressee has shitty opinions.
"Hello my name is Firstname Bunchofnumbers and i have some incredibly shitty opinions" ~ the first use of the term as used by wuooods
by b_b_OK June 15, 2020
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