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Comes from the scientific word: Feline respirate pyro, the fire breathing kitten is native to the Western Hemisphere. They feed off the fried corpses of their victims. They don't like sudden movements towards them or water (like normal cats). They make excellent pets and guard animals.

Their diet includes anything they can catch and whatever the hell they feel like eating. They can grow to a total of one foot in length, eight inches in height. They come in a variety of colors including: orange, brown, black, grey, yellow, and white. They can also come in different patterns: Stripes, spots, and solid.

The fire from the kitten comes from the stomach region. It takes a deep breath and expels the fire through the mouth. To prevent from overheating and the fire inside the stomach alive, the kitten expels steam and smoke through the nostrils.
"Did you hear what happened to George"
"He broke into Jean's house and was devoured by a Fire Breathing Kitten.
by Baby Wolverine February 08, 2010
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