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Derived from the Fire specialization of the Mage class in the highly successful Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Roleplaying-Game, World of Warcraft. Fire mages have a longer-casting time with spells than their counter classes. This allows the player to complete activities during casting. Activities can include but are not limited to: eating, drinking, or masturbating. There can be a combination of the above mentioned activitiess. Fire maging can be applied in WoW, but it is certainly not limited to the game.
Person 1: Yo bro, where's John?
Person 2: IDK dude, he's probably off pulling a fire mage
Person 3: Damn, y did it have to be in the middle of ICC?
by TheGloryHoleEffect December 30, 2010
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1.) One who is extreamly atractive and Intelilgent.
2.) One who invoke's the sexual atraction of the oppisite sex.
GirlA: damn, that guy is HOT!!!
GirlB: yeah, he is such a fire mage!
by Fire_mage March 02, 2004
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