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The art of slipping a finger, or two, for the more experienced persons, inside of a female.
Originally, Finger Bombing was only such when you did so in public, or with a foreign object (preferrable Mexican).
Today, however, you can finger bomb anywhere. In public, private, hell, you could finger bomb a chick at a concert. It's been done.
by TheFingerBomber October 21, 2011
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Not to be confused with finger blasting, finger bombing involves fully exiting and re-entering the vagina (or anus) with one's finger(s). Unlike finger blasting, whereby the fingers remain inside the orifice once introduced, finger bombing is unique in its repetitive and forceful entry and exit.
Nick: Hey man, how was your date last night with that Vietnamese chick?

Joe: It was awesome. I started finger blasting her nice and easy to get things going. Then she wanted me to go harder.

Nick: Let me guess, you turned it up a notch and started finger bombing her ass!

Joe: You know me too well!
by Sauna Studs December 02, 2015
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