Finding Bigfoot is a show on the "Discovery" channel where a group of tinfoil hat clad neckbeards wander around in the dark wilderness festooned with cameras searching for something that isn't there.

They also yell at trees.
*twig snaps in the distance*
Neckbeard 1: "Did you hear that? IT MUST'VE BEEN A SQUATCH!"
by The Burned Man 6240 January 10, 2015
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Bobo from Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet is a questionable creature. Bobo, a notorious sasquatch, participates in the search of his bretheren with his three co-stars on the show. He secretly tells the sasquatches to hide as he speaks Boboeese.
"Bobo from Finding Bigfoot is a sasquatch himself. He speaks their lingo. He's the reason why we can't find any sasquatches!"
by The Tangible Laugh March 31, 2016
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