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a well-known and well-meaning member on Neoseeker that is most widely known for his stubbornness and his tendency to say rather stupid things (about sex mostly); he sometimes goes by the name CFB as well
I heard that Final Blade is fueling another argument in the PS3 forum with his stubbornness.
by GTA_Fanatic June 26, 2009
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May be used as a common noun or verb. Usually used when a person takes a humorous statement a little too seriously and spends 15 minutes writing an essay on how wrong the statement was and treat it as if it's the most serious thing ever.
She preferred to ignore me rather than pull a Final Blade.

You just committed a Final Blade, I was 100% kidding with you.

After reading the joke, he misunderstood it and Final Bladed.
by bscutajar September 20, 2009
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