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When you get bloated after eating an amount of food small or large
Ughhhhh I just ate steak & shake and now I have a bad case of the CFB
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by A-Trainn March 01, 2018
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Cell Phone Bitch - A girl who will absolutely go ape-shit if you take her cellphone from her, reactions ranging from nervous breakdowns, to violent behavior.
Jesus christ that girl is a flat out CFB, watch her cry if I take her phone from her.
by CFBHater November 13, 2011
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Acronym for Cunt Face Bitch. A severely vicious and offensive designation used rarely and only against the most sinster of foes. First known use was by David McCarty of the Boston Red Sox at Dwyers Pub in Fort Myers, FL circa March 2005. Witnessed by Kevin Youkilis (aka Kevin You-cunnilingus).
That CFB just blew smoke in my face!
by Malcolm Horovitz April 22, 2005
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-Also knowen as Casual Fuck buddy.

this term is used when you are not dating someone but you are having sex with them anyway.
"i do it with my CFB every day" (yes i actually do)
by needs-a-good-fucking August 03, 2008
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Cock For Balls. When someone has a cock instead of balls.
That guy is so lame, he has CFB
by Mcksco March 29, 2017
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Cunt-Faced Bastard

An insult affectionately used in some areas of southern England. Abbreviated to avoid the outrage caused by the use of the word "cunt" in some households with children.
Teenager: Mum, Joe's walking around in his boxers. He just farted on the dog.

Mum: What a CFB!
by Buggy rofl. April 19, 2010
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