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Filzah is the most caring person you've ever meet. She is kinda funny. She is the person who you want to look up to for advices. A very good listener. She is a very strong and independent person. She is a very positive person who'll cheer you up when you feel down. She motivates people and make people feel confident. She doesn't like to burden people. She hates liar. She hides her problem. She is kinda cute and pretty. She is fierce. She is Filzah
Wow that girl is so independent. She must be filzah.
by Qissy December 30, 2017
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A very pretty girl which doesn't realize how every guy has got to take a closer look cause of her beauty. She is very caring and in a way secretive of who she likes. When you talk to her, she is straight forward and easy to talk to. Once you get to know her, you will become very close.
-Look, that girl is so pretty!

-Yeah, she's Filzah.
by astroworlddd February 23, 2019
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