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A Filterblast is a drag (puff, pull, toke, etc.) that is taken from any rolled tobacco product (with a built-in filter; i.e. Cigarettes, Cigarillos) that has burned too close to the filter. The filter of most rolled tobacco products is made from fiberglass and, while fiberglass serves as a good tobacco filter, it is certainly not meant to be inhaled into human lungs. The effects of a Filterblast are unmistakable -an immediate semi-constriction of the upper esophageal sphincter, an unpleasant burning sensation throughout the lungs, and, in some cases, harsh coughing.

A Filterblast usually occurs for at least one of the following reasons: a) The Filterblasting individual in question is low on tobacco and desires to make use of every last bit of their supply, thus causing them to take that last regrettable drag that burns up part of the filter; b) The individual is intoxicated and is unaware of the fact that the cherry on their tobacco product has burned so close to the filter.
a) Glancing at the single cigarette left in his pack, Johnny wonders how he will make his tobacco supply last until tomorrow's payday. Sizing up the burning cigarette in his hand, he wonders if he can get one last drag out of it so that he can hold off on lighting his last one for a while. Toking his cigarette, he quickly pulls it away from his lips and starts to choke. Johnny has clearly made a bad judgment call, as his final toke turned out to be a Filterblast.

b) Stumbling back to the bonfire at a bush party, Billy takes a long pull on his cigarette. Upon inhaling, his chest seizes up and he begins to cough. It is at this point that he realizes that he has just taken a Filterblast.
by JPaps December 17, 2011
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