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Utter lack of common sense to make intelligent decisions between options, when one of them is, by far, the best.
Client: "I want to know why I keep choosing the wrong guy to fall in love with... Is it that I am cursed?
Tarot Reader: "Letยดs see. Cut the deck with your left hand two times to the left. Now, choose a card"
Client: "Oh No! The Devil card! See? I am cursed!
Tarot Reader: "No darling, in this case The Devil card means filter failure, in other words, that you are stupidly attached to your lower instincts."

Suit 1: "Man, I canยดt catch up with my Tweeter account... information overload."
Suit 2: "Not at all. Itยดs not info overload. It is filter failure!"
by rperazag May 31, 2010
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