1. Indeed filling a cup
2. An orgasm
1. I just filled my cup of orange juice.

2. Assassin's Creed comes out in late 2007! I just filled the cup!
by irishballa March 25, 2007
To cum.
While fucking your mother, I filled the cup (no wait, the bucket)(no wait, the 55-gallon drum)(no wait, the WAREHOUSE full of 55-gallon drums) twice.
by BloodSplat November 15, 2008
When using this phrase is unanimous for "Tea" referring to gossip info. But, your in the know now so you need a refill. A.k.a new gossip, That a friend or coworker fills you in and provides.
Talia: So, I have new tea form work today.
Liah: Ooooh fill my cup. Don't miss the details.
by GingerSnapsBack March 24, 2022
the act of putting ping-pong balls into the vagina, then putting a red solo cup up the vagina. Lastly, pushing the ping-pong balls into the cup and filling the cup with ping-pong balls.
i was playing beer pong at a frat party when this girl said "Wanna see me fill my cup?"
by bananamonkeynut September 29, 2014
To drink an obscene amount, to the point where you're completely tore down and will most likely end up with a woman is tore up.
Louis: "Oh man! Last night I was blazed out of my mind, not to mention I was filling cups like double D's."
Mike: "No kidding. I couldn't believe you went off with that dirty cheese hog beast-woman. She looked like a cross between a 10 dollar crack whore and a broke down parasite-infested sumo wrestler."
Louis: "Well I guess that explains why it itches."
by Nick D August 13, 2004