It's a DOLL!!
I love to play house and drink tea with my figurines.
by CRTurk February 27, 2015
A revolution of the forgotten in the early 2000s based on a collective group of artists, musicians, poets, and performers known as Upright Figurine. Origin of the phrase is derived from an old elongated wooden statue of unknown origins which is customarily placed towering over figurines of a long lost age. It , the protector watches over the forgotten, symbolizing the revolution.
Man did you see the Upright Figurine fighters that went through town the other day? They knew where their heads were.
by S C A R of Upright Figurine April 19, 2006
someone who will screw everything that has at least two legs.
Look at him over there. He screwed Dana, Jake, Ms. Carey and Linus the cow. Yeah he is a figurine fucker.
by tazcomp032000 October 29, 2007