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Ffugly = Fucking fugly = fucking FUCKING ugly... this is quite possibly the most hideous anyone could ever get. the act of being double fucking is the equivalent of a chuck norris roundhouse kick. thus making Ffugly the term for the most ugly of uglies...
friend 1: "dude that chick from last night was soooooo into me. why did you have to cock block me?"

friend 2: "dude you were drunk and didn't realize she was Ffugly. i saved you from the embarrassment."
by Destroyer of Virgins October 22, 2009
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You call someone that if their beyond fugly. Usually stands for fucking fat and ugly.
It is pronounced "Fah-fugly"
Stanley: Man that chick is beyond fugly.
Clinton: Yeah I know she's like ffugly.
by Clinton Liang November 02, 2010
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The definition for a girl whom is extreamly beautiful and amazing, though considers herself fat and ugly which is a huge misunderstanding to the definition of the above word.
"Baby i feel so F-fugly" i no babe your the F-fugliest girl i know of.
by zbrownie December 06, 2010
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