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Fethard is a small town in "The Ancient East" of Ireland. William de Braose is the likely founder of Fethard about 1201. The town has an incredible history; and, to this day retains much of its medieval architecture. Fethard features a, largely intact, town wall, majestic Court Castle, the "Witch on the Wall guarding the Watergate Bridge against the onslaught of the invading Norman Army, and many other ruins dotted throughout its landscape.

There are some cool things to do in Fethard. Visit the town's Tholsel to learn about the rich history of the area, Enjoy a meal in one of our lovely, well recommended, cafes, or enjoy a stroll around the neighbourhood to see some of the town's fantastic historical points of interest.

The town stroll has the bonus of building up your agility as you dodge the numerous packages left by a few of the town's blackguard dog owners. These gurriers have no understanding of basic decorum nor do they respect the marvellous history of their village; but, they do tend to improve one's fitness levels.

Another activity in Fethard is to visit some of the Excellent pubs. You can also visit the extensive broken glass collection housed near the historical town wall; created, and actively maintained, by the same disrespectful, ignorant gurriers who help to preserve walker's fitness levels. This glass collection serves to help keep local veterinarians and doctors in employment as they remove the shards of glass from children and pets.
Fethard is a majestic and historic medieval town
by Debunker-Grl December 17, 2017
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Fethard is a town in County Tipperary, Ireland. There are many fine things to do in Fethard, such as:

Trying to throw stones through the gap in the part of the town wall near the gate.

Drinking whisky in the winter, especially down the river walk.

Going to the chipper.

Trying to sit on the disintegrating benches near the river.

Looking at the geese.
Bill "Are you familiar with Fethard town?"

Raoul "No"
by RumChow April 18, 2009
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