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A "fervert" is a person who dresses-up to mimic the look of a furry mammal animal with a tail; often, the person will also mimic mannerisms or movements of the furry mammal being mimicked. For female persons who dress as “ferverts”, the tail is often raised into a position where sexual relations are overtly suggested. Male persons who dress as “ferverts” often do not exhibit the raised tail attributes. The “Fervert” term was coined at Comic Con 1996 as a derisive word; the related term “Furvert” is a more modern form of the same word coined minutes later; “Furvert” was immediately adopted at the time, and is not considered to be a derisive term. “Furvert” more closely matched that which was observed at the time.
That "fervert" should not dress-up like a furry animal with a tail! I find "ferverts" to be sexually attractive.
by W.E. Budman April 14, 2013
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A person with the ferver of a convert. Such as a reformed drinker or smoker, a new vegan or someone that has a new found religion, other examples are tree hungers, animal rights activists and feminazi
My sister who is a newly born-again Christian is a fervert and wont stop preaching.
by Cap'n Billy July 06, 2009
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