Anything you do that needs slight adjustment!
Ferkle the key in the lock in order to open it.
by Ami January 26, 2005
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Slow and without focus, accomplishing something, but really not accomplishing it at all. In other words, procrastination. Yet, side tracked, while thinking you are heading in the direction of accomplishment.
If you were told to be ready by 8 o'clock pm, and you knew that 8 pm was the objective to be ready, yet at 7:55 pm you begin to do a load of laundry, then you walk by dishes that need to be put away so you side track to do that, and then figure you might ferkle as you pet the dog...maybe, just maybe you will be leaving around 8:20 if you are lucky.

If you knew that you had to run an errand really quickly, an in and out of a store, and you end up going up and down each isle...wandering aimlessly...and not really doing any accomplishment, just air headed out...this is ferkling.
by FICTION123 August 3, 2009
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