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Ferkenshnirtz, alternately spelled as 'Ferkenshnertz', is a verbal expression of surprise and distaste toward an event that annoys and dismays you. It is similar to the euphemism "oh shoot!".

This term is, as far as I know, is my made up term to shrugg off frustrating encounters such as instances in video games of dying or failing to pass a level in frequently comical and unrealistic ways.

It is essentially verbal shrugging meant for things that should not have been a problem.
The term itself is also an amalgamated corruption of 'ferk and schnirtz', which themselves could be corrupted and softened expletives.
Ah Ferkenshnirtz, I just lost all my gear!

I should have passed this Ferkenshnirtzen level ages ago!
by Blānk man October 15, 2016
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