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A trend-based, emotionally-fueled but ultimately short-lived variety of activism where people who have no connection to, and with no sincere concern for a controversial event show up and begin rioting, looting and inciting others to do the same just for the sake of getting on TV. Derived from Fergusen, MO, the flashpoint of recent social unrest in the US.
Jason: Hey, you hear about the 'hands up don't shoot' rally tonight down at the harbor?
Briton: Nah man, I don't go in for that kind of Fergtivism.

Jason: There was a triple murder last night downtown.
Briton: Yeah, and nobody cares because it was gang related. I just hope those fergtivists they don't set my car on fire.

Jason: Your car isn't that nice, yo.
by FriendOrFlake November 26, 2014
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