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Someone who lives outdoors, has no permanent address, an aversion to regular bathing, or an aversion to regular work. Also known as a Urban Outdoorsman or a bum.
Every morning for the last year the feral humans outside my office hit me up for change. It's like a going to work tax.
by El_Torro October 05, 2010
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A feral human is a human who was at one time civilized of there ancesters and has returned to the wild.
There are two types of feral humans. First the "wild child" who was abandoned of lost by there parents ect. and was raised ay animals such as woves.
Second there are people who have decided that the civilized world as we know is full of shit and returned to the wild either as individuals or in small groups.
Most people who take up the feral life style ease into it a little bit at a time because it takes a leval of toughness and cunning most people are not used to.
There is a movement called the feral human movement that promotes this life style.There are still many willed places left in the world.
they find that the knowledge of there ancesters is a must such a flint naping,hunting skill,making fire ect.
John has become a feral human.
by Deep blue 2012 January 09, 2010
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