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What you call someone who has an inability or difficulty in making decisions. Someone who is always "Riding the Fence." (They can't commit to one side or the other.)


A man who will eventually become sterile from actually sitting on fences, due to little or no blood flow to the testicles.
Bro 1: "Hey man, wanna come to my birthday party?"

Bro 2: " depends on if I gain the momentum to slide my lazy ass out of bed that day. I might just sleep instead. But a party does sound kinda fun. I dunno...(sigh)"

Bro 1: "Just tell me if you're coming or not, you freakin' fence jockey!"
by J.D.elicious February 25, 2009
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any immigrant who enters a country illegally by crossing over a physical barrier on a land border.
a mexican.

you'll surely see a fence jockey if you make a trip to tejas.
by eye yaman ass May 06, 2009
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Urban youths who spend all their free time sitting on fences near pay phones while shouting at traffic and attempting to sell drugs.
Look at that bunch of fence jockeys sitting by the 7-11.
by Landric April 01, 2003
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