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Female expatriate, usually of the Western variety, living abroad who tend to develop a collective hostility and feminist-like bitterness towards their male Caucasian counterparts for dating ethnic local girls instead of a fellow female Caucasian expat.

The term "fempat" is a neologism attributable to, and first discussed on record, by author Tom Carter during a Business Insider interview about his controversial expatriate anthology Unsavory Elements: "I think fem-pats refers to those angry, lonely, single female expats in China who are overlooked by Western males seeking Chinese girlfriends..."
The Time Out review of Unsavory Elements was overrun by a clique of fempats who, not even having read the book, knee-jerkingly called for Tom Carter's “arrest and deportation from China” because, they believed, he patronized an underage prostitute.
by 洋鬼子 March 03, 2015
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