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pronounced: Fem-ale-Yun

A female who sometimes acts like and has player skills like that of a guy, their “Game” is really good and strong. Not to be confussed as lesbians, they are not lesbos (not that being a lesbo is a bad thing) but they are attracted to men and men only, they dress up in swagger like a guy would however they also look feminine and sexy in their chosen swagger.
Gurl 1: whats with that girl? is she a lesbian, she cant be cuz she got it goin on fer her with those men all up on her, and she be lookin good wit her makeup caked on all decent.
Gurl 2: no shes a femalion, she just enjoys a few things they do, she real down to earth
Girl 1: oh is that why she hangs around the guys all the time and acts all pimpin? she got good game tho...its funny that she use her game on the guys how they use it on other females
Gurl 2: damn right gurl..she got that game down
by Higho Poppinz July 26, 2011
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