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The handicap many women suffer from due to their role in Society. As women have been expected to be more 'emotional' creatures and talk alot, they have developed more advanced emotional and social skills.

However, this to the level of sometimes making Everything more complicated than it really is.
- She: So Iv'e been thinking... it would be nice to spend more time together... well not ALL the time because that might cause us to get tired of each other, but you know more... Like then we could prioritize other things too if we would want... I mean of course!... Not that I mean that we should make each other LESS important!... And I'd like to eat breakfast with you more often, not like a GRAND breakfast like EVERY day, but just eat together... maybe... If we're not in a hurry somewhere..!! I'm not saying we should get Too comfortable just because we are spending more time but it could be a good thing... I underdstand there is some mixed feelings in this all, but if I think of it, I'd might like that... what do you think?....

- He: ....? Think about?

- She: Ok FINE, you don't feel like I do.... Fuck you, we're DONE!

- He: What?!

- Friend: Dude... what's wrong with you? She just said that she wanted to move in with you and you said you didn't!!!

- He: WHAT part of ALL That said so?

- Friend: That WHOLE thing said so!!.... it's called femaletardness, she didn't mean to confuse you! Jeez, READ. BETWEEN. THE. LINES, SON!!!
by Twocolorsocks November 09, 2011
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